We're planning for our 2018 Price Submission and want customers to help shape the services we deliver now, and into the future.

Our Price Submission will propose the service offerings and standards, and prices we will charge from 1 July 2018. Our regulator, the Essential Services Commission, will approve our services and prices before they are applied.

What we do

We play a range of roles and have a variety of responsibilities when it comes to delivering services to our customers and the broader community. These include:

  • delivering water for drinking and washing which comes out of taps and showers
  • removal and treatment of waste water (sewage and trade waste) from homes and businesses
  • responding to and fixing leaks and bursts
  • undertaking customer service and billing activities
  • looking after water into the future
  • supporting customers who are having difficulties paying their bills
  • minimising the impacts of our operations on the environment
  • participating in community events and teaching people about the water and sewerage systems

Check out our video for more on what we do.

Tell us what you think

What's Important To You?

When it comes to what we do and how we do it, we want to know what's important to customers and what services we should consider for the future. For example, this could be anything from:

  • always being able to access water
  • ability to pay bills fortnightly or monthly
  • leaks and bursts are fixed quickly
  • longer call centre times
  • knowing daily water use
  • receiving bills by email, an app, or SMS
  • CWW is energy efficient
  • vulnerable members of the community are looked after

Moderation Policy
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23 March, 2017

TOJ says:

“Send bills by email”

23 March, 2017

TOJ says:

“Incentivise low water usage through costs. High service fees do not achieve this. Greater transparency on service fees required.”

23 March, 2017

Beaner says:

“The 3 stage usage costs are averaged for the 1/4 - meaning I pay MORE for my TOTAL usage, not less, for days that I use less than 440L.”

23 March, 2017

Rochelle says:

“I wish your website was responsive on mobile. You charge enough to address this.”

23 March, 2017

Mario says:

“I am very mindful in reducing water consumption, yet my consumption is $29 and my bill is $180, how fair is that! Reduce your rates now!”

21 March, 2017

Rox says:

“Reducing excessive service charges and reward low water usuage household, fixing faulty meter ”

20 March, 2017

jameswkk says:

“I try to save water, but after looking at my bill: e.g. water consumption $43.00 and total payable $208.00 Speechless. ”

16 March, 2017

Kate says:

“Our bill = 30% water + 70% fees. 3 in our house plus a big dog & we use 240L. Where's the incentive to save water? Fees should be a % of use”

14 March, 2017

Roger says:

“Service charges are higher than actual water charge. Efficient water users should be rewarded with lower price. Public ownership of water. ”

14 March, 2017

CZ says:

“Sewage is managed in an environmentally responsible way and trade waste customers are charged proportionally to their environmental impact.”

25 February, 2017

Chris says:

“Reduce excessively high connection fees for low water users including very small Serviced Office Suites, charged as Deemed to be Connected.”

25 February, 2017

Frances says:

“Reduce service charges for customers with low water usage and save money by sending the bill electronically”

23 February, 2017

AF says:

“service fee is disproportionately high compared to my usage. I think my water bill is as high as my electricity bill, if not higher.”

20 February, 2017

Drew says:

“Rewarding residents who have a water tank and providing an incentive every bill. CWW can help with installation of water tank.”

5 February, 2017

Carolina says:

“Having discounts for low water use especially if under 155 as per target particularly from water service charge. Don't increase rate or fees”

3 February, 2017

Ben says:

“Restore natural waterways and flows on Kororoit creek and Stony Creek. I believe a part of Stony creek is now diverted into Kororoit creek ”

3 February, 2017

Ben says:

“Ensuring any water outlets are managed and reviewed, particularly those that enter creeks from industrial properties.”

3 February, 2017

Ben says:

“Being environmentally friendly. Receiving bills via email is much preferred. Clean storm water enetering into all waterways. ”

1 February, 2017

John says:

“Currently we are charged 84% of our water consumption as a sewerage charge , most of that water has gone on the garden not in the sewer,”

29 January, 2017

michael says:

“Service fee should be proportionate to usage. Service charges takes the bulk of our bills. No incentives for low water usage!”

24 January, 2017

Cynthia says:

“Stop increasing service fees to line your own pockets.This is guaranteed income so you can get your fat cat bonus!”

23 January, 2017

Wendy says:

“My bill is $205 my water usage is $60, you waste money on piece of paper on how to save water, how about how to reduce your outrageous fees”

19 January, 2017

VR says:

“Incentives for low water usage. I use very little water quarterly and my service and sewerage charges outstandingly outweigh my usage. ”

5 January, 2017

Mr Daniel Spina says:

“Incentives for low water usage. I use very little water quarterly and my service and sewerage charges outstandingly outweigh my usage. ”

20 December, 2016

stoneriver says:

“•receiving bills by email”

11 December, 2016

wan says:

“-those who use most water, their price should be more than doubled; this extra money should reward water savers eg. free water tank put in.”