City West Water's vision is to be a truly sustainable water business. To ensure we continue to provide reliable water and sewerage services to our customers, we need to plan for and manage the impacts of climate change.

We deliver programs and projects under our Environmental Sustainability Plan to work towards this vision, and are commencing the development of a Climate Resilience Strategy.

The Climate Resilience Strategy will identify:

  • the potential impacts climate change poses to City West Water’s operations
  • how climate chage may impact our customers and community
  • how City West Water is going to adapt to a changing climate.

Have Your Say

To inform the development of our Climate Resilience Strategy, we want to know

  • how you perceive and understand the potential impacts of climate change
  • what role you expect City West Water to play in the management of these potential impacts.

To have your say, please complete the short survey or provide your thoughts in the discussion forum.

We also welcome general questions you may have regarding our environmental programs and performance in the Q&A section of this page.


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News Feed

News Feed

The Victorian Government recently released a draft of its State Water Plan titled ‘Water for Victoria’. This Plan sets the strategic direction for how Victoria will manage water now and into the future.

‘Water for Victoria’ provides a number of recommendations and outlines expectations of City West Water and other water utilities relating to climate change. Recommendations include:

  • Working together to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Ensuring strong alignment between climate change mitigation and adaptation action in plans and strategies related to the water sector.
  • The water sector at least matches the state’s renewable energy target.
City West Water has made a submission in response to the draft State Water Plan. To view our submission or the discussion paper visit DELWP.

29 June 2016

The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) released their Climate Change Adaption Guidelines in March 2016. The guidelines draw upon the experience of the water industry to identify current best practice and provide clear principles to guide adaptation.

In particular, these guidelines provide structure and guidance for:

  • Setting strategic direction for climate change adaptation;
  • Assessing the risks of climate change;
  • Developing adaptive actions to address climate risks: and
  • Embedding climate change adaptation into standard business practic

For more information on the WSAA Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines, visit WSAA.

29 June 2016

In December 2015, the Minister for Environment, Land, Water and Planning signed an updated version the Statement of Obligations (SoO).

The SoO is a key guidance document that outlines the governments expectations and requirements for all water utilities.

The updated SoO contains a stronger focus on climate change including requirements that City West Water:

  • Respond to the challenges of climate change with due consideration of mitigation and future adaptation measures.
  • Develop an Urban Water Strategy by Match 31 2017 that includes measures to adapt to climate change.

For a copy of the SoO visit DELWP.

29 June 2016


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