City West Water's vision is to be a truly sustainable water business. To ensure we continue to provide reliable water and sewerage services to our customers, we need to plan for and manage the impacts of climate change.

We deliver programs and projects under our Environmental Sustainability Plan to work towards this vision, and are commencing the development of a Climate Resilience Strategy.

The Climate Resilience Strategy will identify:

  • the potential impacts climate change poses to City West Water’s operations
  • how climate chage may impact our customers and community
  • how City West Water is going to adapt to a changing climate.

Have Your Say

To inform the development of our Climate Resilience Strategy, we want to know

  • how you perceive and understand the potential impacts of climate change
  • what role you expect City West Water to play in the management of these potential impacts.

To have your say, please complete the short survey or provide your thoughts in the discussion forum.

We also welcome general questions you may have regarding our environmental programs and performance in the Q&A section of this page.


Which statement best reflects your understanding of climate change? Required
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Based on your understanding, how will climate change impact City West Water's operations? Select two only. Required
Do you currently purchase carbon offsets for other products and services when available? Eg. for airline flights or green energy for your home. Required
Would you consider paying for carbon neutral water and sewerage services? Required

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