The West Wyndham Recycled Water Project will deliver Class A recycled water through purple pipes to over 3,700 homes across Wyndham Vale and Manor Lakes, as well as a number of open spaces managed by Wyndham City Council.

Potable water is currently being supplied through the purple pipes. Later this year, this will switch to a blend of recycled water and potable water, before supplying full Class A recycled water in mid 2017.

Use recycled water for toilets, car washing, watering the garden, filling water features, laundry, washing and feeding pets, outside cleaning and fighting fires.

Uses for recycled water

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Recycled water usage on your bill

Thank you to our customers who cast their vote on how they'd like to see recycled water usage displayed on the bill.

The results are in, and option number three is the most preferred. Look out for the new look graph in your October - December 2016 bill.

Option 1 stacked bar graph, option 2 line graph over bar graph, option 3 nested bar graph

Recycled water supply map

West Wyndham recycled water service area, which includes Manor Lakes and Wyndham Vale.

Stage 1 recycled water supply is expected to commence in late 2016 and includes Manor Lakes, Jubilee, Bluestone, Harpley and Riverwalk estates. Recycled water will be available in the Savana, Wynbrook, Alwood, Wollahra Rise estates upon occupancy.

Stage 2 recycled water supply is expected to commence in 2018 for Cornerstone estate and is subject to further development.

Stage 3 recycled water supply is expected to commence in 2019 for Vineyard and King's Leigh estates and is subject to further development.